We work with Clients 1-on-1. No WebX. No podcasts. No Skype. No apps. No Interactive PDFs. Our Advisors provide an overview of how the system works, they determine what federal program could be the most beneficial for you. The advisors will also help you to gather, organize and update the information required. Our processing team will then prepare the documents that will be needed.

Loan Forgiveness

You may qualify for full or partial loan forgiveness. There are a number of options available.

Lower Your Payment

There are over sixty federal programs that can help lower your payment or shorten your loan term.


Don’t assume you’re not eligible. There are limited requirements to qualify. Employment status may not impact eligibility.

HLP Process Overview

HLP Does The Heavy Lifting

Once you have been briefed and your goals are clear, we get to work. After assessing your status, we’ll help you choose the most potentially beneficial available repayment program, and give you a rough estimate of whether the program could reduce your monthly payments.

With You for the Duration

HLP supports you over the long-term. We monitor your case file year-in and year-out and handle annual re-certifications and other administrative support as needed.

Let’s Get You Started

HLP is all about simplicity – for you. No long form fields to populate. Give us the basics and we’ll frame up the savings which are available for you.

Call 888-411-1919

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